4 Sep 2021

Full-Time Executive Director

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Job Description



The Hawai‘i State Ethics Commission (“Commission”) administers a code of ethics for public officers and employees of the State as mandated by Article XIV of the Hawai‘i State Constitution.  The Commission administers and enforces Chapters 84 and 97, Hawai‘i Revised Statutes (“HRS”).  HRS chapter 84, the State Ethics Code, prescribes ethics laws for state government officials and employees.  HRS chapter 97, the Lobbyists Law, prescribes registration and reporting requirements for lobbyists and organizations that engage in lobbying activities at the state level.

The Commission is established within the Office of the Auditor for administrative purposes only.  The Commission employs an Executive Director and other staff, including an Associate Director, staff attorneys, an investigator, a computer specialist, an office manager, and clerical personnel.  All employees of the Commission, including the Executive Director, serve at the pleasure of the Commission.



The Executive Director functions as the administrator and chief legal counsel for the Commission.  The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the Commission’s mandate to administer and enforce the State Ethics Code and the Lobbyists Law; to coordinate monthly Commission meetings; to direct the administration and management of the Commission’s office and staff; and to implement the Commission’s goals and objectives.  The Executive Director provides overall leadership in guiding all aspects of the Commission’s programs and activities.

Legal counsel to Commission.  Serves as chief legal counsel to the Commission.  Provides legal advice to the Commission with regard to the interpretation of statutory provisions in Chapters 84 and 97, HRS, and other relevant laws.  Advises the Commission with regard to the issuance of advisory opinions and enforcement proceedings.  Also advises the Commission with regard to legal issues concerning Commission meetings, administrative actions, and other matters.  Researches and prepares legal documents for the Commission.  Represents the Commission in legal proceedings involving the Commission.

Administration and Enforcement of Chapters 84 and 97, HRS.  Administers and enforces Chapters 84 and 97, HRS.  Responds to inquiries and issues legal advice to state government officials and employees, lobbyists, and organizations represented by lobbyists.  Drafts and reviews staff opinion letters, advisory opinions, legal memoranda, and other related documents.

Oversees the administration of laws under Chapter 84, HRS, that require filings of financial disclosure statements, gifts disclosure statements, and contract notices.  Also oversees the administration of laws under Chapter 97, HRS, that require the registration of lobbyists and filings of statements of lobbying expenditures and contributions.  Updates and revises forms and instructions; facilitates compliance by filers with filing requirements; develops and implements audit or review procedures to ensure that filings comply with the law; and oversees enforcement proceedings against individuals who do not comply with filing requirements.

Conducts and oversees enforcement proceedings relating to possible violations of Chapters 84 and 97, HRS.  Receives or initiates charges; conducts and directs investigations; participates in witness interviews; prosecutes or serves as legal counsel to the Commission in contested case hearings; drafts and reviews legal documents relating to enforcement proceedings.

Education program.  Oversees development of the Commission’s program to educate the public and state government officials and employees about ethics.  Develops and conducts education workshops and presentations, including mandatory ethics training courses for state government officials as required by Chapter 84, HRS.  Participates in speaking engagements and makes other public appearances to discuss the Commission’s work and the laws administered by the Commission.  Develops educational materials, including the Commission’s newsletter and other publications.  Oversees the development, design, and maintenance of the Commission’s website.

Media.  Responds to inquiries from the media.  Issues news releases and statements on behalf of the Commission.

Legislation.  Proposes and drafts legislation; tracks legislation; prepares written testimony; attends legislative hearings and presents testimony on behalf of the Commission.  Meets with legislators and others to advocate on behalf of the Commission with regard to legislation.

Rules.  Oversees the adoption, amendment, and repeal of the Commission’s administrative rules as needed and as provided in Chapter 91, HRS.

Commission meetings and training.  Coordinates Commission meetings.  Assists the Commission Chair in preparing meeting agendas and oversees preparation of all written materials and minutes for Commission meetings.  Responsible for assuring that Commission members receive an orientation upon appointment, and training on applicable laws, procedures, and other matters relating to their duties and responsibilities.  

Relations with other state and federal agencies and organizations.  Maintains professional relations with other state, local, and federal agencies.  Maintains professional relations with local and national organizations such as Common Cause Hawai‘i, the League of Women Voters of Hawai‘i, and the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws to promote ethics and other “good government” initiatives.  Provides outreach work by participating in conferences and other events to speak about ethics, lobbying, and other related topics.

Budget and fiscal operations.  Oversees planning, preparation, and management of the Commission’s budget subject to Commissioners’ approval.  Prepares budget documents and testifies at budget hearings before the Legislature.  Oversees the Commission’s annual financial audit by an independent auditor and prepares Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) for the audit.  Oversees all fiscal operations of the office, including payroll and procurement of all goods and services in accordance with applicable laws subject to review upon Commissioners’ request.  Negotiates and executes office lease agreements and other agreements and contracts on behalf of the Commission.

Administration and Management.  Responsible for the maintenance and custody of the files and records of the Commission.  Responsible for administration and management of the Commission’s office and staff, including the day-to-day operations of the office.  Responsible for staff hiring and disciplinary action.  Provides leadership and direction to the staff in the performance of their duties:  Oversees staff orientation and training; makes assignments and delegates work responsibilities to staff; supervises staff work performance; oversees office staffing levels and work schedules; approves leave requests (for vacation leave, sick leave, family leave, etc.); conducts annual job performance evaluations; and sets staff salaries subject to review upon Commissioners’ request.  Works closely with the Associate Director and staff attorneys to oversee and direct their legal work; routinely meets with attorneys to discuss cases and case management; reviews written work of attorneys; oversees attorneys’ work in all other areas.  Develops, implements, and oversees personnel policies and other office policies. Oversees all projects and planning for the office.



Supervisor.  Reports to the Commission.  Pursuant to HRS §84-35, serves at the pleasure of the Commission.  Subject to periodic performance evaluations by the Commission.  Subject to any additional review procedures (including but not limited to decisions regarding hiring, disciplinary action, and salaries for staff) implemented by the Commission.

Full-time employment.  Shall dedicate the necessary time and effort to perform all duties described herein on a full-time basis.  Shall not engage in any part-time or other employment that conflicts, detracts, or prevents the Executive Director from performing the required duties in a prompt and efficient manner.

Standards of Conduct.  Shall comply with the standards of conduct for state employees pursuant to HRS Chapter 84, the State Ethics Code.

Prohibition from political activity.  Pursuant to HRS §84-35.5, shall not take

an active part in political management or in political campaigns during the term of office or employment.

Related duties.  Performs any and all other duties as required.



In accordance with HRS §78-1(c), must be a citizen, national, or permanent resident alien of the United States, or eligible under federal law for unrestricted employment in the United States; and shall become a resident of the State within thirty days after beginning employment as a condition of eligibility for continued employment.

Graduate with a Juris Doctor degree from an American Bar Association accredited law school.  Licensed attorney and member in good standing of the Hawai‘i State Bar.



Demonstrated commitment to public service and advocacy, and to maintaining high ethical standards.

Knowledge of state government organization and interagency relationships.  Knowledge of the legislative process and ability to advocate persuasively to accomplish legislative goals.

Knowledge of administrative law and administrative procedure, including rule-making and contested case procedures.  Knowledge of open meetings and public records laws.

Knowledge of court procedures and litigation generally.

Knowledge of personnel policies and practices; budgeting requirements; procurement and fiscal management; information management.

Ability to manage and protect confidential information.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Ability to supervise and manage employees.

Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

Computer skills, e.g., ability to use software such as MS Office, SharePoint and Dropbox.

Application Requirements.  Applicants must submit the following:

  1. Application for Employment. https://ethics.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021EDApplicationPacket.pdf
  2. Résumé.
  3. Brief statement explaining why you want to be the Executive Director of the Hawai‘i State Ethics Commission and why you believe you can make a positive contribution if you are selected for this position.  Include a discussion of any experience with, or knowledge that you have of, governmental ethics.
  4. Legal writing sample.  (It must be a sample of your own written work only, unedited by anyone else.)
  5. Two letters of reference attesting to your management style and experience, as well as your communication and interpersonal skills.  Include contact information (address, phone number, e-mail) for references.
  6. Authorization to Release Information.

Application Submission.  Applications, including all required application materials, may be submitted as follows:

By U.S. mail or personal delivery:   1001 Bishop Street, American Savings Bank Tower, Suite 970, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813

By e-mail:  ethics@hawaiiethics.org  (Note: E-mail submissions must include applicant’s signatures on both the Application for Employment and on the Authorization to Release Information.)

Application Deadline.  Applications, including all required application materials, must be received by October 6, 2021.

Confidentiality. Applications will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Inquiries or Additional Information.  Contact the Hawai‘i State Ethics Commission at (808) 587-0460.  For additional information about the Commission, visit our website at https://ethics.hawaii.gov

Job Categories: Administrative and Clerical Jobs. Job Types: Full-Time. Salary: 100,000 and above. Job expires in 12 days.

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