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7 tips how to recruit new staff in Honolulu – Hawaii for FREE

Posted by | October 16, 2013 | Recruitment tools

How to recruit new staff in Honolulu – Hawaii for FREE? Here are some smart and free tips to find new staff 100% free.

1. Use free online tools

Don’t pay for websites you don’t know or have no experience with. There are many free services or test drive when this is offered so you don’t loose money. Tips:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Linkedin
– Free classifieds
Free job boards with free test-drive options or completely free

2. Consider hiring internally

Who within the organization might fit the job?

3. Employees referrals

Ask employees who they know that might want to apply

4. Networking

Contact suppliers, friends, customers, old employees and other relations who may know a potential recruit

5. Get the word out

Tell everybody, get a sign out, email everybody, tell the gasman etc.

6. Post job offers on job boards often

Jobs get outdated. Even if the job is still vacant, the jobs will be listed on page 10 in a month or so. So re-post your jobs as often as possible. Try it.

7. Try our free services

Our services are free and will stay free. We have more then 200 local, Honolulu – Hawaii jobs online and 400 users (companies). Add your jobs online in only 2 minutes. Unlimited posts.

More online recruitment tips?

See out blog for other tips.