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How to find a job during economic crisis Honolulu – Hawaii?

Posted by | February 16, 2013 | Job search, Jobhunting

Finding a job can seem impossible during economic crisis, Honolulu – Hawaii. However, businesses still need employees. Times are totaly different and needs a different frame of mind. Maybe this is not the best time to get that new, high paid job, with lots of potentials etc. When times are rough, being picky will prevent you from maintaining your lifestyle.

I want to discuss the most important methods of how to find a job during economic crisis Honolulu – Hawaii:

1. Target high demand Businesses

Target businesses that are always in high demand. For example: hospitals and. Contact these businesses directly and find out when there will be new job openings. Even if you’re not a dockter, there might be other positions available.

2. Use your own network, friends and family

Simple: Post a message that you’re looking for a (particular) job on Facebook etc.
Better: Do you know smart, well conected people? Go visit them in person and ask for help. Remind them if necessary.

3.Online job boards and classifieds

Online job boards are now a standard recruitment method. They’re hundreds of different job boards. Filters on job boards can help narrow results to the most relevant jobs. I suggest using skills, interests, and location, as well as salary requirements, when searching for jobs.

Another route to explore is a niche job board, which specializes in particular job functions and industries. They often list positions that don’t appear on some of the larger, general boards, so they can offer access to openings with smaller applicant pools. Applying for a job through a niche board can also give you a leg up over someone using a broad-based site because it identifies you as more of an industry insider.

5. Direct approach to potential employers

Make a list of firms and companies that you would like to work for. Browse the internet for interessting companies, ask friends, read newspapers and make a list. Then analyse eash company. Visit the company website and find everything about their products, people, mission etc. Write down all pros and cons. Maybe you have an idea of how to improve their production. Write this idea in your CV summary and send your CV to that company. Do so with all the companies, that you think you could be useful working at. Make is personal and do your homework.

Good luck ….

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