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Best jobs for people over 50 years in Hawaii

Posted by | December 17, 2015 | Job search, Jobhunting, Labor Market Facts Hawaii

The latest data show the unemployment rate for those over age 55 stands at just 4.1%, compared with 5.7% for the total population and a steep 18.8% for teens (December 2015). Great news for those looking for a second career or a way to earn extra cash. But where to focus your energies? Below is a list of the top 10 best jobs for more senior job seekers in Hawaii. When you think about an ageing population, many of these ideas make perfect sense, but some of them may be new to you. This overview also shows which senior jobs are projected to have the most growth in the coming years. Maybe you already have the skills to enter the job market in one of these areas right away, maybe you need to get another certification under your belt. Either way, these top 10 jobs should help you jump in to your next challenge!

The top 10 Best jobs for people over 50 years in Hawaii:

1). Patient Advocate Jobs

Support patients as they navigate the health care system. Growth projection for health care social workers, which includes some advocates: 26.8 percent.

2). Interpreter

Use your fluency in English and other languages to provide translations in health care and other fields. Growth: 46.1 percent

3). Dietitian

Hospitals, retirement communities and companies with wellness programs hire dietitians to do nutritional screenings and meal planning. Growth: 21.1 percent

4). Fitness trainer Jobs

There’s a big need for trainers who design workouts for people ages 65 to 90. Growth: 12.5 percent

5). Independent contractor

Whatever your occupation, do it on your own and sell your services to others.

6). Massage therapist

Massages are growing at spas, clinics and hotels. Growth: 22.6 percent

7). Eco-landscaper Jobs

Green thumbs willing to train in horticulture and landscape design can join the burgeoning field of “sustainable” gardening, which uses less water. Growth of landscape designers: 14.3 percent

8). Accountant/financial manager

Good with numbers? Help businesses, nonprofits and others with payroll, accounts payable, taxes and financial reports. Growth: 13.1 percent

9). Home modification professional Jobs

Retrofit houses to meet the needs of older homeowners. Growth for construction managers, which includes some home modification professionals: 16.1 percent.

10). Personal financial adviser

Help consumers with taxes, investments and estate planning. Growth projection: 27 percent.

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Top 10 Jobs in Hawaii (Most jobs available)

Posted by | June 27, 2015 | Jobhunting, Labor Market Facts Hawaii

What are the Top 10 Jobs in Hawaii? The biggest industries and most common jobs available? Tourism is the biggest industry in Hawaii and generate the most jobs. There are plenty of jobs in the leisure and hospitality industries. If you like sales (and are talented), your good, speak more the one language? That helps. Almost the whole top 10 jobs is related to the tourism industry … Mostly low wage service jobs. But theses are averages. Do better, earn more. Top 10 Jobs in Hawaii with the number of local jobs, job rank, job description and evarage salary:

Rank Job description / titel job Hawaii Number of Jobs in Hawaii Average Salary
1 Retail salespersons 18,630 $21,980
2 Office clerks, general 11,320 $23,700
3 Janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners 9,690 $20,750
4 Waiters and waitresses 9,530 $21,320
5 Cashiers 8,810 $18,270
6 Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food 7,750 $17,270
7 Registered nurses 7,370 $66,230
8 Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks 6,270 $31,500
9 Security guards 5,890 $20,910
10 Secretaries, except legal, medical, and executive 5,620 $31,780
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Jobs in other areas – cities

Posted by | September 25, 2013 | Job search, Jobhunting, Jobs in other cities

Los angeles is the second biggest city of the USA. So there are jobs available, many jobs … And 5 hours away from Hawaii the closest and best there is if you need a job or career opportunity. How to find a job online in Los Angeles and make your search more effective?

1). Find an area that interests you. A hobby or personal interest may lead to your next career.

2). Search your niche. Save time by focusing on sites that list openings exclusively in your area of interest. For example, if you work in the design industry, check out, which lists only jobs at in this field. Have your sights set on high pay? Search boards that advertise only jobs paying a minimum salary of $80,000. For Jobs in the LA area, look on nich sites like (free jobboard) with only jobs in the city LA and area.

3). Find a hook. When a recruiter lists a Job, research the person’s background for making a special connection.

4). Be prepared for compensation adjustments. A change of industry may affect your bottom line; prepare your financial strategy in private and show that you can adjust.

5). Post your resume. Consider uploading your resume to job boards in addition to scanning their ads. Their resume databases are a first stop in a candidate search for many hiring managers. They find you! Also: many times there are email systems which notify you with the newest jobs.

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How to find a job during economic crisis Honolulu – Hawaii?

Posted by | February 16, 2013 | Job search, Jobhunting

Finding a job can seem impossible during economic crisis, Honolulu – Hawaii. However, businesses still need employees. Times are totaly different and needs a different frame of mind. Maybe this is not the best time to get that new, high paid job, with lots of potentials etc. When times are rough, being picky will prevent you from maintaining your lifestyle.

I want to discuss the most important methods of how to find a job during economic crisis Honolulu – Hawaii:

1. Target high demand Businesses

Target businesses that are always in high demand. For example: hospitals and. Contact these businesses directly and find out when there will be new job openings. Even if you’re not a dockter, there might be other positions available.

2. Use your own network, friends and family

Simple: Post a message that you’re looking for a (particular) job on Facebook etc.
Better: Do you know smart, well conected people? Go visit them in person and ask for help. Remind them if necessary.

3.Online job boards and classifieds

Online job boards are now a standard recruitment method. They’re hundreds of different job boards. Filters on job boards can help narrow results to the most relevant jobs. I suggest using skills, interests, and location, as well as salary requirements, when searching for jobs.

Another route to explore is a niche job board, which specializes in particular job functions and industries. They often list positions that don’t appear on some of the larger, general boards, so they can offer access to openings with smaller applicant pools. Applying for a job through a niche board can also give you a leg up over someone using a broad-based site because it identifies you as more of an industry insider.

5. Direct approach to potential employers

Make a list of firms and companies that you would like to work for. Browse the internet for interessting companies, ask friends, read newspapers and make a list. Then analyse eash company. Visit the company website and find everything about their products, people, mission etc. Write down all pros and cons. Maybe you have an idea of how to improve their production. Write this idea in your CV summary and send your CV to that company. Do so with all the companies, that you think you could be useful working at. Make is personal and do your homework.

Good luck ….

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Jobhunting Hawaii – How to Find a Job in Hawaii

Posted by | September 12, 2012 | Jobhunting

Assuming that you know what you want to do and where you want to do it, here are 10 things that will help you the best finding a job in Hawaii:

Employer Websites
You have your target employers, where are they hidding the jobs?

The person-to-person connection is THE source of the most job offers.

Ask any friends or contacts that you have in Hawaii about job possibilities. If you do not have any friends yet and no contacts either, then you can ask questions in online chat rooms or forums that focus around Hawaii employment.

Social Media
A relative new-comer but becoming very effective

The most powerful and effective of the professional networks

Job Aggregators
Powerful and very useful

Job Sites
Start with the big jobboards like careerbuilder, but also find specialist jobboards through google. Post your resume online as well so you will create awareness about your job skills.

Recruiters, Staffing Firms, & Head Hunters
Visit the recruiting offices in Hawaii such as Labor Ready, Office Team, Spherion, and a variety of others within the city. Recruiting offices will be able to assess your skills and place you in a job that will match your skills. Can help or hurt, and they don’t work for you. They work for the employer.

Classified Ads
Collect several of Hawaii newspapers and look through the classifieds of each paper. West Hawaii Today, Hawaii News and Maui News all offer a selection of job listings and employment offers. Do your research and circle the jobs that apply to your experience.

Google has many hidden talents plus excellent tools for your job search.