14 Feb 2020

Internship Solar Pump System price


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300W Dc brushless screw solar photovoltaic water pump 4SC
1.Product Details
Solar pump can provide the service for field irrigation, clean drinking water for human and live stock, developing garden economy, landscaping, fountain, aquiculture bleeding, pumping of saltworks, drought resisting, desertification control. Solarland solar pump system even don’t need batteries. In this case you can enjoy the free charge of changing batteries and no pollution to the environment. This is the new industry which match the requirements of sustainable development.
1. It has anti-reverse connection protection, under-voltage protection, blocking rotation protection, over-current protection, built-in CPU of water pump, intelligent control
2.Pump body is stainless steel structure
3.The pump comes with 3mof cable.
4.Power of matching components = pump power *1.3-1.5 according to the sunshine condition at the place of use.
3.Product Parameters
TypePower(w)Mppt(v)Voc(v)Max head(m)Rate head(m)Max flow rate(t/h)Flow rate(t/h)
3PB 13003644554021
3PB 260072921007521
4SC 13003644401042
4SC 26007292704042
The pump runs in a high-efficiency area, which minimizes the shaft power, and the different pump models will bring difficulties to the solution process. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of the centrifugal pump, the speed ratio M is indirectly obtained by using the relationship between the pump efficiency and the flow rate. A solution to this type of problem is provided. Using the variable frequency speed control system to adjust the speed of the water pump in real time to meet different water supply requirements is an emerging scientific method for energy saving and consumption reduction. In theory, it is possible to basically avoid unnecessary losses in valve regulation. First, the pump’s performance curve is a quadratic curve of flow and head. As the amount of water increases, the head provided by the pump is continuously decreasing. Pump performance curve Centrifugal pump in the rated speed characteristic equation is: where the virtual total head when the flow is zero, is the pump-related constant, when connected to the frequency conversion equipment, as the pump speed continues to decrease, the pump curve parallels shift. Then the characteristic becomes: among them, there is a very important parameter curve for the speed control ratio. The curve monotonically increases after reaching the peak value by the origin, and the peak value should correspond to the design condition point on the characteristic curve, corresponding to the point. The flow rate is the rated flow and the pump has the least loss when operating at this operating point. The further away from the design condition, the lower the efficiency. Industrial pumps limit the efficiency of the pump, and the operating point cannot deviate too far from the operating point. Generally, the efficiency of the pump must be above the peak value. In this way, a range is obtained that does not make the pump efficiency too low. Considering that the pump frequency conversion ratio is limited, the pump speed cannot be made too low. Based on the above con.Solar Pump System price

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